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About Us

Dear Shopper,

LMK A & F is a sophisticated boutique that caters to shoppers who are looking for quality clothing and accessories that provide versatility and unique styling options for every season. We are located just outside of the Fashion Capital of the World, New York City. Our mission is to service our customers by helping them transform their wardrobe by simply adding a stylish accessory or garment that can be easily paired with something out of your very own closet!  We encourage repeat wear and pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest level of customer service. We are not only loyal to our customers but also to local designers who are looking for a platform to display their designs. Whether shopping for a special occasion or a casual look allow us to be your personal shopper! Shop LMK and you will be on the "Right side of Fashion"!  

May God Bless You!                            

Warm Regards,                                                                          

La Shanda M. Kelly CEO/Founder